minimalist dining room design ideas

Minimalist Dining Room Design Ideas

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WEBvisit Minimalist style is not about emptiness, but about filling a room with everything pure. This is one of the ways that interior designers create simple yet charming dining room and kitchen designs in a minimalist theme.

To transform your small dining room into a clean yet inspiring aesthetic look, embrace your original design tastes. Whether it’s rustic, casual, or contemporary. Pick your favorite look, then mix it up. Here are some ways to combine different styles to create your modern tiny minimalist dining room!

1). Choose the Right Wall Paint Color

As the main component in a room, choosing the right wall paint color is a very important basis. Some of the colors that are popular as the base color for minimalist designs include monochrome (black, white and gray), caliente or spicy red (red and some derivatives like berry and burgundy you can also use), oceanside colors (colors sea-inspired blue), as well as pastel colors.

2). Choose the Right Kitchen Set

If your dining room is united with the kitchen, it is important to choose the right kitchen set. Choose a simple cabinet model with a color that matches the wall color. This will be an important key to displaying a minimalist feel in your dining room and kitchen at the same time.

3). Choosing a Table

The shape and material of your dining table will give you a distinctive feel in your minimalist dining room. A round table will remove the traditional impression. It is recommended to choose a modern, contemporary or mid-century style. A wooden square table can give a rustic or vintage impression. The table itself can be of great help in building the aesthetic of your dining room without the need for a lot of decoration.

4). Choosing Cutlery

The most important thing to give a minimalist impression to the dining room is the selection of tableware. Instead of buying too many plates of various styles and colors, try to choose a timeless white porcelain plate. Look for interesting plate shapes and designs and remove unnecessary objects from your dining room.

Besides, choosing a classic French Duralex glass is an equally good idea. This glass looks simple, but very functional. You can use it for various types of drinks from water, juice, and even your favorite latte. Stainless spoons, forks and knives also have a minimalist and timeless style.

5). Wall decoration

If you feel that you don’t dare to mix and match interior design through paint, you can take another step, namely installing wall hangings. Solid white paint will look more refreshed and relaxed by adding a painting or photo to your collection. Make sure to choose a frame with clean, simple lines.

6). Lighting

No matter the design you choose, a bright space is very important is a very important factor for your minimalist dining room. The dimly lit atmosphere will give off a gloomy feel, creating an effect that is just as densely furnished. If you can’t place your dining table near a large window, try a hanging ceiling light. Avoid floor lamps or wall lamps where the light range is not too broad.