WEBvisit – For those of you who like to grow indoor plants or other types of plants, you must often feel confused about arranging a lot of pots, right? Instead of getting dizzy, it’s not uncommon for people to end up putting every potted plant

WEBvisit – In this day and age, garden are not only found outdoors. A mini garden in the house is becoming increasingly popular. One of the best things about indoor gardens is the flexibility in terms of types and numbers of plants. Plants in the

WEBvisit – Everyone craves for a beautifully decorated home. Apart from buying various knick-knacks and accessories, the presence of indoor plants can also provide a fresh and natural touch. Small pots of greenery that you place on a table or in a corner of the

WEBvisit – Having a limited area of ​​space is often an obstacle when you want to put home interior decorations, such as indoor plants. Overcoming this condition, choosing hanging plants is the solution. Applying hanging plants is increasingly in demand, along with the limited availability

WEBvisit – Farming becomes easier by applying the concept of microgreen. This is because this concept does not require a container that is too large because the root growth is not too much. Thus, you can freely do it in the house. In addition, plants

WEBVISIT – When you have the desire to plant, space is not a problem. You can plant crops anywhere. Even if you live in a small house, you can grow your own green plants, consider growing your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables and truly indulge