WEBvisit – Minimalist interior design is known to be simple and functional. The aesthetics can also look elegant from their cleverness, accentuating the beauty of the character from each element that is displayed simply. Simple and elegant, this concept blends in with a minimalist concept.

WEBvisit – An eclectic style in interior design refers to a design style that combines different elements. Starting in terms of differences in periods, textures, styles, trends, colors, and shapes. Some people often refer to this style as the controlled chaos style. An eclectic minimalist

WEBvisit – At first glance, this apartment room looks very contemporary. The residence is in a building that has been around for a long time, around 1906. Although it is an old building, the shape of the building is still well maintained and looks charming.

WEBvisit – The apartment is one type of dwelling in one building, where the number of dwellings is more than one and we usually call it a flat. However, unlike the old days, in this era, the apartment has a lot of style and design

WEBvisit – Living in an apartment is now an option for those who live in big cities. With limited space, they must be smart in utilizing space and making a comfortable apartment. If you are one of them, of course, you need to do a

WEBvisit – You just invested in a studio apartment? The trend of occupancy of small studio apartments is increasingly favored by young workers in big cities today. The demands of life in urban communities with busy routines have made many people switch to living in

WEBvisit – For those of you who are one of the new couples, certainly want to immediately have a residence for a small family that has just been built. But this is often constrained of choices that exist today. So that’s why many people have