WEBvisit – Apart from the rapid advancement of technology where smartphones, tablets, and various other gadgets make it easy for you to easily access information and store your favorite e-books, the existence of books in their original form has its unrivaled charm. For those of

WEBvisit – Minimalist interior design is known to be simple and functional. The aesthetics can also look elegant from their cleverness, accentuating the beauty of the character from each element that is displayed simply. Simple and elegant, this concept blends in with a minimalist concept.

WEBvisit – In this day and age, garden are not only found outdoors. A mini garden in the house is becoming increasingly popular. One of the best things about indoor gardens is the flexibility in terms of types and numbers of plants. Plants in the

WEBvisit – Imagine that you walk into the house after work and find a room that is getting smaller because of the clutter. If you start to feel that way, maybe it’s time to use a minimalist home style without a partition. This open-plan design

WEBvisit – Minimalist style is not about emptiness, but about filling a room with everything pure. This is one of the ways that interior designers create simple yet charming dining room and kitchen designs in a minimalist theme. To transform your small dining room into

WEBvisit – A comfortable dorm room is a must. Why? Because this is where you relax and unwind after being tired of your activities on campus or at work. Creating a dorm room that looks pretty and feels comfortable will make you feel more at

WEBvisit – Everyone craves for a beautifully decorated home. Apart from buying various knick-knacks and accessories, the presence of indoor plants can also provide a fresh and natural touch. Small pots of greenery that you place on a table or in a corner of the

WEBvisit – The bedroom is a private room where you can relax or just relax and enjoy your spare time. Speaking of bedroom design, of course, there are striking differences between men and girls. Girls’ bedrooms are synonymous with various decorations and bright and feminine

WEBvisit – If you’ve ever watched the Harry Potter films, you know where Uncle Vernon put Harry’s room. Yes, at the bottom of the stairs. This idea is increasingly being used, especially for the design of stairs in a narrow house. Instead of leaving the

WEBvisit – After a long day, there is nothing more exciting than sitting with your loved ones in a minimalist family room at home. A comfortable atmosphere for just chatting or watching movies while eating snacks, of course, will greatly support your quality time with