Home Office Interior Design Ideas

home office interior design ideas

WEBvisit – To avoid the stress of working and traffic jams in the city, there are alternatives you can do for those of you who have your own business. You can use the concept of working at home, namely the “Home Office”, a workspace that integrates with the living area. You can save costs and time to commute to the office. Now the concept of the Home Office is being widely used, it is even considered efficient and productive which can increase someone to be more accomplished. With an office at home, you are also more flexible in managing time with your family.

However, the Home Office is not always meant for those who have their own business. Home Office can also be made for those who want to do office work at home. So there’s nothing wrong with making your own Home Office, right? Here are Home Office design ideas that can be applied at home:

1). Luxurious Room

Your workspace should reflect your personality and inspire you. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas. Just say what and decor you want. A black accented wall and a chandelier on the table will add a luxurious and glamorous impression. Wooden cabinets will also make the space more organized, serving as a storage area in the office. Try to create a functional workspace. Play with the lighting to jazz up and refresh the office.

2). Refresh with Plants

You have to add living ornamental plants to your Home Office so that you feel comfortable and at home at the office. A balanced home office should be practical, ergonomic, comfortable, and clean. Plants will help you feel calmer, freshen your eyes, and clear the air, plus they will make your decorations even more beautiful.

3). Artistic Style

You can decorate your workspace with photos, paintings, or art that makes you feel motivated. Besides keeping you motivated, art can also energize your space to make it more alive. You can use a wall shelf or table to place the photo or painting.

4). Use a rug

Place colored rugs or rugs in the workspace to enhance your visuals and relax you. In addition to colored carpets, you can use rug in neutral or combined colors. However, the patterned carpet must also be adjusted to the wall in the workspace so that it does not clash.

5). Create Comfort

You have to make the workspace feel nice and warm. But don’t overdo it, because it will make you want to take a nap. Use neutral colors on the walls and floors, adding accents of natural wood, plants to create a simple yet comfortable workspace.

6). Creating a Gallery Wall

You can fill your workspace with whatever you like. Add a gallery display against a neutral wall. You can arrange the frames and make your walls more stylish. Frames are one way to take photos, paintings and art look stylish and expensive.

7). Vintage and Modern

Don’t be afraid to mix vintage and modern decor, you can use items from other rooms. This combination makes the home feel warm and more personal. Just pair your old table or vintage lamps and pair it with new items that can be used to welcome guests if you’re having a meeting.

8). Let the Light In

A small room will feel large if there is light coming into the room. Add curtains to the windows, if during the day you can open them, so they connect with the outdoors and allow enough light to give life to the plants in the room. Also add window film to minimize the sun that is too flashy and hot, while maintaining your privacy.

9). Working With Color

Choose a color that suits you, not a trendy color. You can paint the office walls, shelves, and ceiling in one color to make the room feel bigger. Colors that suit you can inspire even more to work in your workspace.

10). Optimize Your Space

Nothing works well if the workspace is messy. Don’t just tuck things into corners and drawers. You have to organize things neatly. This is one of the must-do home decorations. Begin to commit to tidying up things at home.

10 Exterior House Paint Color Ideas

exterior house paint

WEBvisit – If we look at houses in housing, also the exterior color is the same, ranging from white or neutral beige. However, the white color for the exterior of the home sometimes feels boring, right? Like you can’t show your personality or your family’s excitement from the outside.

So that your house doesn’t look bored with just white, let’s look at the inspiration for the color of the outside wall paint from WEBvisit that can give a unique touch to your home.

10 Exterior colors other than white

1). Soft Pastel Blue Color

The blue color creates a relaxing, calm, and cheerful impression. Besides that, everyone usually likes blue.

2). Sepia

Dark brown like wood is a classic and timeless color. This color is also inconspicuous. The soft dark brown color always has a welcoming impression. Dark brown wall paint will look even better if your house has a green yard around it. This will create a classic and homey seen.

3). Cheerful Yellow Color

Yellow is a color that generally brings out vibrancy. Yellow can always make people smile, and it might suit your cheerful family. Besides that, yellow is also a pretty classic color, especially when combined with dark colors on doors or windows. Yellow will give the impression that your house is glowing!

4). Army Green Color

Warm army green actually won’t seem frightening, for your home. The warm green will remind you of the forest color in the sun. If you like a rustic or vintage home style, the color of this house will be very suitable to be used as the color of the outside wall paint. This color matches the vintage mood and as warm being in a cabin in the woods.

5). Light Gray Color

Gray is a classic neutral color. You can almost combine it with anything. So this color can be your foundation for building your home style. Light gray is still a bright color but seems to have a mysterious, seductive impression. Besides that, the classic impression given by gray will make your house feel like a warm home.

6). Navy Blue Color

Navy blue color gives off a classic and smart impression. Like other blues, this color creates a calming impression. But what distinguishes navy from soft blue is that navy has a mysterious, mature, and classic impression. By choosing navy blue as the color for the outside wall paint, you will give your home a classic feel.

7). Beige color

For those of you who want to have the outer wall paint a color close to white, you can choose ivory or ivory, or beige or cream. These two colors give the impression of being relaxed, not too overwhelming, and are perfect for people who like the beach because they are like sand. In addition, this color is quite neutral and can be used as a base color for other color combinations.

8). Red Brick and Maroon Red

Red is indeed a very striking color, so many people are afraid to choose this color as a paint for the walls outside the house. If you want to use red for the outer walls of your house without fear of being too flashy, use brick red or maroon.

These two colors are classic colors that contrast well with the environment. The brick color will create a warm impression for a house that has a classic style. Colors like this will certainly give a different touch to your house among other neighbors’ houses, but they are still nice to look at and seem luxurious.

9). Baby Pink color

If you are girly and want to paint the walls of your house pink but not tacky, you can choose a very soft light pink color. This color can give the impression of a Barbie house or a classic house, depending on the color and style you choose. If you combine it with navy blue or gray, a light pink house will feel like a house on the beach.

10). Black

Black is a color that never goes wrong in giving a classic impression. To use black as the exterior of the house, you must be able to choose the right black color (as much as possible a dark black that is not glossy) and combine it with other classic colors such as gray or white. With the right combination, your house won’t seem scary, but it will feel timeless.

It turns out that giving colorful paint to the front of your house won’t look tacky, right? The trick, of course, is to choose the right color to suit your style. Which color would you like to try?

10 Minimalist Home Exterior Design Ideas

minimalist home exterior design ideas

WEBvisit – Every home design interior and exterior reflects the character and uniqueness of the occupants. The minimalist architectural style that has become a trend in recent years does not mean that it always looks simple and ordinary. The front view of a minimalist house is also not only the same from one home to another. Each house can be designed with a unique front yard and has its own characteristics. The front view of a minimalist house can look amazing and become an icon in the environment.

Then how does an amazing minimalist front look for your dream home? This article will present 10 examples of a cool minimalist home front for your dream home. Hopefully, it can be an inspiration to come up with various creative ideas for other cool minimalist front views.

1). Cool front view of natural stone

The simplicity of the natural lines of natural stone is very suitable as an element to form a minimalist home exterior and interior appearance. The dark red and black colors of andesite rock look cool with the gray of the temple stone. The front and side views of AL House are getting cooler with the lights emitting from the minimalist windows.

2). Unique front view with asymmetrical shape

The unique and cool front view of the F + W House is influenced by its location on a cul-de-sac at the end of the road with a unique tread shape. The play of geometric shapes of building masses utilizes four axes. Large and tall windows are a source of natural lighting, as well as the vertical axis of the house, and a counterweight to the horizontal lines of the structural beams and the elongated windows.

3). The application of feng shui to a meaningful front view

The front view of the KBP house is influenced by the demands of the feng shui application, especially the slope of the facade which must be 3240. In addition, the rules for the location of the main door and its size also affect the interior and exterior. Instead of being confined by these very strict rules, Erwin Kusuma answered them through an attractive design with access to natural lighting and air circulation.

4). The front view looks elegant with simple geometric shapes

Januar Senjaya & Filani Limansyah from ADDO Architecture make use of the shapes of beam slabs to direct sunlight into space. High slabs of blocks dominate the front of the house, displaying a functional minimalist architecture, while simultaneously appearing elegant with simple geometric shapes.

5). The gable as an accent front looks charming

The front view of the PRV B66 is an example of a cool minimalist front house that is modern and simple. A unique blend of urban, industrial, and rich tropical minimalist elements from the bricks on the garden walls and the canopy blocks. The existence of tropical elements is strengthened by the fusion of natural lighting and circulation, as well as gable accents that make the front look even more charming.

6). Cantilevered for a tropical eco-friendly front view

Tropical environments with quite high rainfall, rain accompanied by wind, humidity, and lots of sunshine, need to be responded to through good design. SUB responds to this challenge with a large cantilever to prevent rainwater from entering through the window. This concept creates a building that looks large and disproportionate, but trimming a few corners makes this house slimmer and harmonious with its surroundings.

7). The house looks cool even though it is adjusted to environmental regulations

Environmental regulations that require a house without a fence become a security and privacy issue. The solution lies in the lower facade, which forms a protection with few openings. However, if needed, the wall panels on the ground floor can be transformed into large doors that open wide. This multi-functional wall panel becomes a protective wall, which, if needed, can be a link between indoor and outdoor.

8). Functional hanging canopy for a futuristic front view

Hanging canopy made of mild steel, 4 meters long, covering the Villa WRK carport. This canopy displays a futuristic impression by utilizing the latest technology for long spans. The dark color of the canopy blends nicely with the ivory limestone on the fence. The lines on the canopy reinforce the beauty of a cool minimalist front.

9). The front view of a minimalist house is cool because it is in harmony with nature

Breathing House stands on a 315 m2 triangular footprint at the corner of the road. The modern minimalist look is presented in the form of a mass that has openings where it is really needed, the dominance of white, the uniqueness of the glass walls on the upper floor, the lines of a minimalist garden retaining wall.

10). Take advantage of natural colors so that the front looks cool and natural

Padupadani Architect combines dark brown, black on the exposed structure, as well as the fresh green color of banyan bonsai and lee Kuan yew plants to create a minimalist green architecture concept house front. These natural colors are applied to the mass of the checkered building, resulting in a unique architectural work that blends with nature.

The front view of a minimalist house will be cool because every element is functional and placed in the right position. Minimalist house front view does not mean a limitation of design ideas, but rather the placement of each element in the highest place; equality between mass form, aperture, material, and color that blends perfectly with the site and its environment. So… Let’s keep working with unlimited creative ideas!